Kyra Epstein

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Kyra brings more than 25 years of expertise in helping organizations to tell their stories. Through her work with the website, newsletter and online communications, she helps the Mesa Refuge reach and grow its large local and international audience.

She has served as a writer and teacher in the fields of environmental sustainability, energy efficiency and green building. In addition to providing communications consulting for organizations like the Mesa Refuge, she serves as the communications manager for Commonweal—a non-profit in Bolinas, California, that focuses on health and healing. Other clients include many in the energy fields, such as the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Healthy Buildings, LLC.  As an environmental journalist, she has published more than 200 articles for newspapers, journals and magazines including the Sierra Club’s national activist newspaper, The Planet, E/Environment Magazine and ASHRAE’s High Performing Buildings magazine.

She is on the Steering Committee for the Point Reyes Farmers Market.

Kyra holds master’s degrees in both environmental policy and communications from the University of Denver and is certified in permaculture design from Commonweal’s Regenerative Design Institute.