Create A Fellowship

We offer invitational fellowships to encourage cutting-edge work on pressing issues of our time.

You can establish a fellowship to honor an important writer or loved one, or to promote new work in a particular subject or genre.

To initiate a fellowship, we request a minimum committment of three years, or $15,000. You can also endow an on-going fellowship for $50,000—$100,000, ensuring a lasting impact. We invite you to click on any of the fellowships listed below to learn more about the donors, honorees and fellows.

To discuss creating your own fellowship, contact our executive director, Susan Page Tillett.


Current Invitational Fellowships

Bernstein-Parker Activist Writer Fellowship

The Bernstein-Parker Activist Writer Fellowship supports activists who work on the front lines of environmental and social change change, offering them time and space at the Mesa Refuge to recharge surrounded by quiet and natural beauty before going back out into the world to do their important work.

    Howard and Phyllis Friedman Fellowship for an Inclusive Economy

    Bob Friedman came to the Mesa Refuge in the spring of 2017 as the Leo Barnes Fellow for Economic Writing. While working on his book, A Few Thousand Dollars: Building the Opportunity Economy, 1980-2030, he was moved to create a fellowship to honor his parents and to support the work of future residents working on issues of inclusive economy.

    Richard Kirschman Free Thought Fellowship

    The Richard Kirschman Free Thought Fellowship supports the work of writers, filmmakers and radio/television journalists working in the area of free thought, particularly individuals dedicated to the separation of Church and State, atheism and agnosticism.

    West Marin Community Fellowships

    The West Marin Community Fellowships support the creative projects of people nominated by West Marin’s rich network of non-profit organizations. In these fellowships, not-for-profit partner organizations in our West Marin County area are invited to nominate one writer they know to be doing excellent work in the Mesa Refuge's priority areas.

    Jacob and Valeria Langeloth Foundation Health Writing Fellowship

    The Jacob and Valeria Langeloth Foundation Health Writing Fellowship supports writing on creative approaches to health and well-being, particularly those with particular interest in those with no or severely limited income, cultural differences, lack of English language skills, lack of health insurance or inadequate health insurance, limited access to health care services, mental illness, substance abuse, homelessness, incarceration and exposure to trauma.

    Climate Solutions Fellowship

    The Climate Solutions Fellowship advances original and effective climate change solutions at all levels. Such solutions may involve land use, building design, transportation, public policies and changes in our economic system.

    Inactive Fellowships