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2015 Winter Patel 300x225

Raj Patel

Alum 2015, Fellow 2015
Raj is an award-winning writer, activist and academic. He currently…



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Alum News

January 21, 2017
More and more good news from alums who have been publishing and getting their work into the world. This is news sent to us in ...
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Fall 2016 Healing Arts Fellows Named

October 12, 2016
Three outstanding residents have been named Marion Weber Healing Arts Fellows for this fall. Andrew Boyd is a New York author, humorist and longtime veteran of creative ...
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Books by Our Alums


Alum Meredith Maran signs a copy of her new book for fellow author Annie Lamott at Book Passage last night. ...

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Mesa Refuge alum Lauret Savoy and ED Susan Page Tillett at the closing ceremony of the 2017 Geography of Hope conference. ...

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