Stan Rushworth

Alum 2015, Fellow 2015
Deena Metzger Fellow 2015
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About his upbringing, Stan says, “My grandfather raised me beginning in 1949, when I was five. He was a Tsalagi man returning to his own ways, after having lived much of his life in a bi-cultural world. My mother told me she wanted me to learn his ways so she gave me to him. I’m sure glad she did.”

Stan is Instructor Emeritus of Native American Literature and Critical Thinking surrounding Indigenous issues at Cabrillo College in Aptos, California. He was a tenured professor from 1992-2008 at Cabrillo College with a focus on Native American Literature, indigenous issues and development of support for under-represented students.

He is author of Going to Water: The Journal of Beginning Rain and Sam Woods: American Healing.