Leave A Legacy

There is no better living legacy than to include the Mesa Refuge in your estate plan. An unrestricted gift allows us to keep the lights on for future residents, providing them with the gifts of time, space and support.

For $50,000-$100,000 you can endow a fellowship in an area where your interests and those of the Mesa Refuge overlap, supporting bold thinking and writing for years to come.

For instance, a group of friends of writer Jonathan Rowe created the Rowe Commons Fellowship to honor the memory of their friend’s important work of understanding our common wealth. Now, each year, someone is selected as the Rowe Fellow, invited to live and work at the Mesa Refuge in the tradition of Jonathan Rowe.

Some people leave their West Marin property to the Mesa Refuge in their wills. If you own property in the Point Reyes area, consider leaving the property to the Mesa Refuge or lending it to us a few weeks a year so that we can accommodate additional residents.

To make a legacy gift, contact our executive director, Susan Tillett.