Katie Kane

Alum 2010

Katie Kane is a writer, activist, and professor of Cultural Studies, English Literature, and Colonial Studies at the University of Montana. She is currently at work on an essay about the historical and legal connection between Native American reservations and Guantanamo Bay as they are linked in the 2003 John Yoo “Torture Memo.” Additionally, she is completing a short story collection entitled North Dakota, which explores the realities of people in the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountain West who live on the economic and cultural margins of the larger national community. One short story from this collection, “Payday Loan,” is forthcoming in the 2010 Fall/Winter issue of Black Warrior Review. Kane just finished work on an essay about the 1847 Choctaw and Cherokee donation to hunger relief during the Irish Famine. She has published other scholarly work on the relationship between the Irish and Native Americans under colonialism in journals such as Cultural Studies and Cultural Critique. Kane’s article on her experience in Haiti living in a displaced persons tent camp, “Haiti: A Forgotten Country,” was published in June in The Missoulian and then widely reprinted in newspapers such as The Tehran Times, International Edition and in online forums such as Truthout.org.