Andreas Weber

Alum 2016
2016 Jonathan Rowe Commons Fellow

Dr. Andreas Weber is a Berlin-based book and magazine writer and independent scholar. He has degrees in Marine Biology and Cultural Studies, having collaborated with theoretical biologist Francisco Varela in Paris.

Andreas’ work focused on a re-evaluation of our understanding of the living. He is proposing to understand organsims as subjects and hence the biosphere as a meaning-creating and poetic reality. Accordingly, Andreas holds that an economy inspired by nature should not be designed as a mechanistic optimization machine, but rather as an ecosystem which transforms mutual sharing of matter and energy in a deepened meaning.

Andreas has put forth his ideas in several books and is contributing to major German magazines and journals, such as GEO, National Geographic, Die Zeit and Greenpeace Magazine. Weber teaches at Leuphana University and at the University of Fine Arts, Berlin.

His newest book, The Biology of Wonder, Andreas proposes a new approach to the biological sciences that puts the human back in nature. By reconciling science with meaning, expression and emotion, this landmark work brings us to a crucial understanding of our place in the framework of life — a revolution for biology as groundbreaking as the theory of relativity was for physics.