kirshmann-hero-communityNew “Free Thought” Fellowship Created by Mesa Refuge Neighbor Richard Kirschman

The Mesa Refuge is proud to announce the creation of a new two-week fellowship to support the work of writers, filmmakers, and radio/television journalists working in the area of free thought. The Richard Kirschman Free Thought Fellowship is being founded and funded by Mesa neighbor Richard Kirschman, who says:

In a land where freedom to speak one’s mind is valued in both law and culture, criticism of religion or its consequences is still widely suppressed and often culturally punished. This fellowship is intended to both recognize and support the work of individuals dedicated to the separation of Church and State, atheism and agnosticism.

Richard is an inventor, activist and philanthropist who has lived in West Marin for many years. A Manhattan native and world traveler, Richard and his wife Doris Ober are well known in the community for their generosity and originality. Among their philanthropic projects are the creation and distribution of the West Marin Trade Token and an annual project with students at West Marin School to select and support area not-for-profit organizations. Mesa Refuge Executive Director Susan Page Tillett said, “Richard Kirschman was one of the first people I met in this community. He is a free-thinker, a wonderful neighbor and a frequent guest at the Mesa Refuge.”

The first Kisrchman Free Thought Fellow will be announced later this year. For more information contact Susan Tillett at 847.452.7637.

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